At first, i'll be thanking to Fariz Rizaldy, Afrijal Dzuhri and Afwa Bagas Wahuda. Because all of them, i was inspired to create this page for describing about what i'm doing right now. So, maybe you don't need to ask me frequently about that.

If you have your own site, maybe you should to make one, too.


Working as a Frontend Engineer at Orami Indonesia.


  • Learning and research some technology stuff from the internet.
  • Coding, reading and blogging for fun.
  • Making quality time for my family and girlfriend every weekend. (Umm, from phone maybe ?).

My Stacks

  • React, Vue or other JavaScript framework for frontend stuff.
  • REST or GraphQL for API usage.
  • Node with Express for backend services.
  • Sometimes using PHP with Laravel or Codeigniter as backend services.

Software that i use

  • OS: Arch-based Linux
  • Code Editor: Visual Studio Code
  • Database GUI: DBEaver, PhpMyAdmin and Robo 3T
  • Browsers: Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Others: GIT Kraken, Spotify, XDMan & Advanced REST Client

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